Fahrenheit Digital & Creative

A Leading Provider of Digital & Creative Staffing

Your trust is not to be only gained, but also fostered and maintained. We understand that your business needs are vastly different from your competitors. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we customize our approach and the type of talent we offer based on your needs, style and communication practice. We tailor the talent pool we tap into based upon industry specifications, feedback, and individual “soft skill” factors allowing us to engage and fill open roles with talent tailored to the best fit for each client.

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About the Team

We are a team of friendly, unique, passionate and hardworking individuals, with different life perspectives committed to the three c’s: creativity, collaboration and consistency. Let us align our core values with yours and successfully grow together!

The benefits of working with us!

  • We are passionate about the creative space and we make it our business to understand yours. The Fahrenheit Creative Staffing team is comprised of industry experts and our job is to make yours easier when it comes to Creative and Digital staffing.
  • We stay abreast of industry trends and the latest technology developments that are paving the way in design and creative innovation.
  • Working with us is easy and seamless! It is our full time job to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. We manage the candidate’s experience, including personal in-house interviews and portfolio reviews, scheduling candidate interviews, coordinating next steps and acting as a liaison for feedback.
  • We are flexible! Our goal is to craft a partnership that caters to your needs, budget, and timeline.
  • We want to work with you! We value transparency with our clients and candidates and offer a true appreciation for our partnerships.
  • Your success is our success and always a priority.

How we screen candidates

In Person Interviews

  • Our team of recruiters conducts phone interviews and in-person interviews with all of the talent we work with to assess hard skills, soft skills and career goals.

Independent and Technical Assessments

  • We take measurement seriously. We provide technical assessments to test the skill-level for specific programs and technologies, ensuring our talent meets your needs.

Portfolio Reviews

  • We dig deep. We have talent walk us through their portfolio, allowing us to gain an in-depth understanding of their aesthetic & capabilities.

Reference Checks

  • We complete and provide reference checks for our talent.

Talent Specialties

  • Art Director
  • Branding
  • Community Manager
  • Content
  • Copywriter
  • Creative Director
  • Front End Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Designers; Print, Digital or Hybrid
  • Information Architect
  • Interactive Copywriter
  • Interactive Designer
  • Mobile Marketer
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Package Designer
  • Presentation Specialist
  • Production Artist
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Proofreader
  • Search Engine Marketer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Marketer
  • UI/UX Designers
  • UI/UX Developer
  • Web (Analyst, Designer, Production Artist)